How does it work?

In fact, the process is very simple and you can simply use the instructions on the screen.

Just to be sure, we explain it a bit more extensive below.

On the first screen you can enter your own details, which means your name and e-mail address. We do not check this data. So you can basically fill in what you want.

You can then select the file or the files that you wish to share.

When you have finished filling in and when you have selected the right files, click on the button Further at the bottom of the screen.

You will end up in the next screen and here you can enter the details of the recipient.

Once you have entered the name, e-mail address and mobile number correctly, click on the button Continue at the bottom of the screen.

We now present you our cash register and you can pay for it in the way you want.

After the settle up you will return to Safedocs and we will confirm the shipment of your file/files.

The recipient now has a message directly in the mailbox belonging to the address you provided. As soon as the recipient clicks on the link, a web page opens on which the recipient can request an SMS code. After clicking the Request code button, the recipient receives an SMS code on the mobile number you have entered. It is, therefore, important that you have the correct data and also enter it correctly.

After entering the code in the section intended for that purpose on the web page, the recipient can download the files from our web page.

The receiver usually has 48 hours to download the files, after this period the files are deleted and cannot be downloaded again.