General conditions IRIS Safedocs


IRIS Safedocs and Safedocs are trade names of IRIS Arbo Ltd., Mailbox 2156, 2240CD situated in Wassenaar, the Netherlands.

IRIS Safedocs is intended as service provider with which, in a secure, trusted, and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR / AVG) stable way, it is possible to exchange privacy-sensitive information between parties using the internet. (In accordance with these rules and therefore, among other things, only through servers that are physically located within the EU borders).


The services provided by IRIS Safedocs (hereinafter referred to as supplier) consist of uploading electronic files by the sender (customer) and offering them for download to the receiver, hereinafter referred to as the service.

The service consists, as a whole or partly, of the services described above. Payment is due in the event of a successful upload of a file by the customer. The actual downloading of the file is admittedly part of the service, however, after offering it for download to the recipient specified by the customer, the (financial) responsibility of the supplier expires. In other words, there is no possibility of claiming a refund if the document has never been downloaded by the recipient while it has been offered by the supplier.

By making actual use of the service, the customer indicates to have taken notice of the general conditions and the privacy and confidentiality policy of supplier.

The supplier is always permitted to revise or adjust these general terms and conditions.

There is always only 1 version of the general terms and conditions valid. The valid version is always the version that is currently publicly accessible via the website and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce. If 1 or both of the conditions are not met, the previous version of the general terms and conditions, that did meet these conditions, applies. By continuing to use the service, the customer declares to agree with the adjusted and / or amended general conditions.


The service concerns a paid service. The customer owes payment per transaction. The amount of the payment depends on the desired size of the service. The customer pays after successfully uploading the files and for distributing the files. The amount that needs to be paid has been announced in advance and the customer has therefore been informed of the details about the financial transaction before executing it.

The supplier does not guarantee the actual downloading of the files.

After the complete cycle of the service or after the expiry of the associated storage period, the supplier will permanently remove all uploaded files from the servers of the supplier. These files will then no longer be available or can be made available again. There is no backup available.

In the event of unsuccessful (partial) payment transactions, the uploaded file will be immediately removed from the supplier's servers.

The supplier stores the transaction metadata during a legal period of each transaction, including the e-mail addresses, IP numbers, mobile phone numbers, given names for both the sender and recipient and the name and size of the files.

Safedocs Prepaid / subscription

Supplier makes it possible to maintain a pre-set and paid balance with which future use can be financed by the customer. To use this variant of the service, the customer must create an account. The data of this account is carefully stored and kept secret by the supplier.

The supplier reserves the right to remove the account if there is a violation of the conditions for use or if national or international legislation forces the supplier to do so, or as a legal authority submits a request to supplier.


Supplier declares that neither he / she nor third parties take knowledge of the contents of the files uploaded by the customer, other than the receiver. This responsibility stops, at any event, with the complete or partial downloading of the files and with the exception of cases where the supplier is obliged by the legal authority to take knowledge of the content or to share it with the legal authority.

Account information is recorded carefully and encrypted in the supplier's database. This data is retained as long as there is a positive balance or until the owner requests to permanently delete the account. If after a transaction the balance is 0.00, the supplier keeps the account for another 14 days, after which the account is permanently removed from the servers.

Ownership of files

Customer is formal owner of the files and is responsible for complying with the legislation concerning intellectual property and copyright. The supplier can never be responsible or be held responsible by customer or any third party for violating these rights by distributing files via the service.

All images of IRIS Safedocs, Safedocs but also software and backgrounds etc etc are intellectual property of IRIS Arbo BV.


It is forbidden to share files that are considered harmful or punishable under national or international legislation, such as (but not limited to) information about terrorism, terrorist attacks or images and / or information about child pornography. Customer will not distribute viruses, software Worms, malware, junk mail, spam, chain letters or phishing mails via the service.


All data held at any time by the supplier (including account information and uploaded files) are covered by the European privacy legislation and are therefore protected.

Supplier has a security policy as prescribed by the GDPR and ensures that it is publicly accessible.


The supplier communicates its rates on its website and the customer is aware of the payment that needs to be paid for the service / transaction before it actually purchases the service. Supplier is authorized at all times to adjust the tariffs, in that case, this tariff adjustment only concerns those transactions that take place after the tariff adjustment. In those cases, where the service is not yet fully completed, an additional tax will never apply.

Retention periods

Supplier complies with applicable legal retention periods.